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Bus Priority Works

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The bus passenger view....

Following the removal of 22 (out of 26) bus lanes in Liverpool during October 2014, Bus Users UK spoke with passengers to find out how the changes had affected their regular bus journeys.

“Bus Lanes help traffic flow in many cases”

Ms K & Ms F. L19

“Keep the bus lanes – Congestion worse keep them to ease traffic”

Mr W. L37

“Disagree with decision to take away bus lanes, daughter travels into town - extra ½ hour in morning. Please put lanes back”

PS. L16

“Bus Lanes are an issue for the City. It all depends where they are situated. If they keep the buses on time they’ve got to be good for the City”


“Bus Lanes do help traffic flow”


“Bus Lanes ease congestion and help traffic flow”


“No real opinion on bus lanes, but if they help the buses then they are useful to the City”

Mr P. L8

“The bus lanes on the route to West Derby need to be put back, wrong for the environment and only good for car drivers, Long delays on our buses”

CJB. Oxton

“Use the Arriva buses to Litherland – good service but seem later these days with no bus lanes”


“Bus Lanes help buses get through the traffic quicker”


“Bus Lanes were good, they need to be re thought & brought back into use”


“Bring back the bus lanes!!!”

SR. L9